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The sharing economy allows people to share apartments, cars, electric tools and other physical assets when they do not use them in full. The sharing economy, also known as collaborative consumption. It is for individuals to rent or borrow goods and services rather than buying and owning them.
Solar Sharing is an innovative form of funding based on people’s participation. The goal is to develop new solar energy and at the same time share the economic benefits among those who contributed to the realization of the projects. This new model represents an early protection for the photovoltaic industry which, however, could soon be revolutionized, especially at a time when development incentives are progressively being wiped out in the world and the traditional possibilities of project financing are reduced due to the decline in attractiveness of the sector, that the effects of the global economic crisis that have led to a general difficulty of access to credit for businesses.
The solar sharing model is based on the idea of ​​sharing. A group of people gather to build a solar power plant, medium or large, and distribute construction costs within the group. When the plant begins to produce energy, the proceeds from the sale of energy are redistributed within the group, proportionally to the contribution to the project. The application of this model reduces both the initial costs and the maintenance costs, due to the economies of scale that arise compared to the creation of many small domestic installations.

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