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This platform facilitates the creation of communities in each area to build solar power plants for their needs to reduce bills and protect against rising energy costs in the future. A helping hand helps make free global pollution because solar energy does not produce harmful emissions, and on the other source of income by selling excess energy to others, managed by block-chain technology. Community-oriented groups or buildings such as schools, churches, non-profit associations and residential commercial buildings can collaboratively build their solar power plant to take electric bills. A group of people gather to build a solar power plant, the energy produced is redistributed within the group in proportion to the contribution to the project. People who intend to create a community with their neighbors and intend to build a solar power plant to redistribute solar energy among the group, can be part of the community to share solar energy without paying any bills. Those who do not want to share the construction of municipal solar power plants can still participate in the group by purchasing the electricity generated by the community center at reduced rates for their use or for resale. In this way it will be part of the community to reduce and stop global warming. It is a solid investment for the future of our planet with environmental impact and to protect ourselves from the increase in energy costs.

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